Mornington Island

Mornington Island lies in the Gulf of Carpentaria, approximately 125km north-west of Burketown, 200km west of Karumba and 444km north of Mt Isa.  The Island is the largest island in the Wellesley group of islands and is estimated to be 700 square kilometers in area.  The main township on Mornington Island is Gununa. Mornington Island has population of approximately 1200 people.
Mornington Island has a tropical weather pattern and experiences a pronounced summer rainfall, with falls of up 20mm of rain most days in the hot months.  Tropical cyclones are a feature of the area around Mornington Island and are often associated with intense storm surges.  In the summer months Mornington Island has an average temperature range of around 32°C maximum to 25°C minimum, and in the winter months that range is 25°C to 18°C.
Permission to land on the islands must be sought from Mornington Shire Council by mail, six weeks prior to any intended visit, and any visitor needs to have made all accommodation arrangements PRIOR to arrival. There are no established camping facilities within the Shire.
Under an Alcohol Management Plan applying to Mornington Shire, alcohol may not be taken into the area. Heavy penalties apply. Birri Fishing Paradise and Sweers Island Resort have a limited liquor license.

Mornington Shire Council: (07) 4745 7200

Mornington Island Wharf Manager (07) 4745 7224

Carpentaria Freight Barge: (07) 4033 5027

Skytrans Airlines: 1300 759872

Gulfishin’ and Training:  0438 154 142

Gununamanda Store (Supermarket):  (07) 4745 7233

Kiosk:  (07) 4745 7373

Library:  (07)  4745 7814

Mornington Island Hospital: (07) 4745 7209

Mornington Island Post Office: (07) 4745 7260

Muyinda Arts and Crafts Centre:  (07) 4745 7246

Tine’s Hire Cars:  (07)  4745 7327

Mornington Island is also the location of Birri Fishing resort.
Visit their website for more information

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